Toy Train

投稿日: カテゴリー: 生活@香港

My son is a super fan of trains. Owning a set of toy train is his dream. As you may know, the Japanese brand T is famous for the electrical toy trains and different sizes and shapes of rails. HOWEVER, buying all the rail parts and electrical toy trains are not CHEAP! Son, sorry that you do not have a rich mum.

Lucky him, he has a loving care grandpa who is willing to make his dream comes true. Grandpa found that some people are selling second-hand brand T toy trains and rails on the internet and in a very reasonable price. He bought a big bag with over 30pcs of different size of rails, 8 trains and stations cost only HK$300!! OMG! They are all in good condition! Just need a bit of cleaning and changes in batteries, grandson can fully enjoy the fun of his own railway system! This is not only economical but also environmental friendly!

One night when I was home, my son was so happy and told me that grandpa helped him made the best railway ever! It was so big that it occupied half of the living room. Both grandpa and grandson were so busy running around to control the trains and enjoying their play time. Thank you Grandpa! =D

by D.L.