Spending a day with your little ones

投稿日: カテゴリー: 娯楽@香港

It’s summer time and lots of kids flock to beaches and pools to cool themselves down. Other than soaking in water, though, there are many more places parents can bring their children to.
Some of them are indoors so that your activities won’t be affected by bad weather and none of you will melt under the sun either.

Children, older or younger, like moving pictures. That’s why movies are always attractive to them. Movies like Winnie the Pooh, Doraemon and Incredibles II are already on, and some upcoming ones like Monster Vacation, Show Dogs and Mama Mia can’t be missed either.
Enjoying an exciting movie with popcorn and soft drinks in your hands is surely something that no kids can resist.

If you like musicals, Mama Mia is not your only choice. There was a theatre concert by Jimmy called “I wish I could make a wish”. It was blended with drama performance as well as music performance by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.
It was certainly terrific. There are various types of cultural performances all year round, and you may be able to experience much more than you have ever thought of.

There are also game rooms like Super Park and Strokes, a mini-golf club. Your children can easily spend a day playing there.
If you want them to get into a reading habit, do bring them to libraries or bookstores frequently so that they can acquire some kind of reading interest.

So as long as it’s not typhoon signal number 8 or above or the black rainstorm, there always places for you to enjoy the summer holiday with your children.